Located in Chelsea’s energized art district our versatile, sun drenched white gallery space is a leading venue for creative industry events, art exhibitions and fundraisers.


Selectively available for film and photoshoots.

Adjacent to the Highline walking park, in the center of the art world, we have the space and ambiance to help you connect with the New York and global communities.

A socially conscious enterprise, each show at Rogue Space | Chelsea supports our art projects empowering children in conflict zones around the world through our humanitarian wing Rogue Foundation.

Call for rates and availability 212-751-2210.


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[title size=”1 to 6″]Our Specs[/title]

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  • 950 and 1,850 sq. ft. options
  • Magnificent natural light
  • 12 ft. ceilings
  • Very friendly staff and building
  • Full commercial freight access and loading dock
  • Air-conditioning/ Heat
  • WiFi
  • Private Access to Space via door code
  • Lecture and Discussion Set Ups
  • HD TV and Projector options
  • Full A/V Capabilities
  • Lobby-level access to the Highline Park (spanning all of Chelsea)
  • Seating/ tables/ conference options
  • Freight Elevators, and two man operated elevators
  • Day Rentals & Discounted Rentals by Week/ Month
  • Professional photography and video of art openings and events.





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